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Announcing the 8th Annual JVB Tech Day.

It is open to ALL BIKES!

This year it will be April 20, 2019 at my home in Alexandria, VA.

As always food and drink (non-alcoholic) will be provided, hot coffee and bagels in the morning and lunch of burgers, dogs, chili and a few sides. All complimentary!
All you have to do is show up. Come with maintenance or farkle installation in mind, or just to hang out and watch. There are always several people available to lend a hand, tools, GS-911 regular and WiFi for the Wetheads and 2 Harmonizers to sync your throttle bodies/carbs, and plenty of space to work.

ALL bikes are welcome, and nearly any level of work to be accomplished. Last year we had 60 bikes, with plenty of room for more. I will have at least one lift, hopefully two, and space for lots of work to get done. Tire changes can also be done (you can have them delivered to me, just PM me).

Check here for great door prizes from and hopefully others.

Last year we had $2200 from great vendors like and a bunch of service supplies from We had half a dozen more vendors donate great prizes. Watch here for updates.

Please let me know if you would like to attend so I can add you to the list.