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R1200 "Hexhead" Maintenance DVD:

Notice #1

I feel it is necessary to inform you of an error on the early DVD's. (This error was corrected on the DVD's, sent since late 2007.

The error on the DVD is in the valve adjusting procedure section on the torque value of the three rocker arm support boltsloosened for the Rocker Arm End Play adjustment, T45 head. See the attached picture and arrows. This is ONLY applicable IF you adjust the Rocker Arm End Play. Not for simple valve adjustments. The torque value listed was 40nm, and the real torque value is 20nm.

I had originally verified the torque value with both the factory manual on DVD, as well as online with a reputable source. Either they are both mislabeled, or they are not clear. Nonetheless, the correct value is 20nm, not 40nm. The head bolt, 15mm, torque value is correct as stated at 20NM and 180� rotation.

Thanks for your patronage, and I hope the mislabeled torque value has caused no harm.

Notice #2

In the Final Drive Section there is an error on the tools needed for the removal of the link bolt and nut. The bolt is a T-45, and the nut is a 16mm.

Some of the early R1200DVDs have incorrect information. The Final Drive refill is 180ml and the drain plug is torqued at 20nm. 2008 and new bikes have the drain on the bottom of the final drive.

The seperate chapters can be selected by using the "SKIP" function on your DVD player.

The Alternator Belt section is not where it is listed on the cover of the DVD on the early DVDs. It is at the end of the Air Cleaner Section, and cannot be found using the "SKIP" function. SKIP to the Air Cleaner section and fast forward to the Alternator Belt section.

Notice #3

The 07-09 R1200 series have some changes not currently covered in the R1200DVD. I intend to rectify this by posting the updates to these and the various bodywork and tank removal/installation procedures in the "Pictorials and Info" section of this site, see the drop-down link.

Note that all current specifications, except the brake flush and Final Drive procedures are still correct for the late 07-09 R1200 series bikes with non-Servo ABS brakes. 2007-2009 bikes have the brake flush proceedures here: LINK

To this end, I need some of the new bikes to makes these free pictorials available:

If you have a bike in the DC Metro area, and would like a free demonstration and assist with complete service, please contact me at: and we will work out a time.

Thanks for your continued support!


Please let me know if you find any other mistakes, as I want to ensure the highest possible accuracy.

Caution: Although every effort was made to ensure the accuracy of the information contained in this DVD it was primarily designed to enhance your knowledge of the BMW R1200 series motorcycle. As such, it is not meant to replace the maintenance manual or to supply complete information about each procedure covered. Any damage done to a motorcycle or personal injury resulting from the use of the DVD is solely the responsibility of the user and not the maker or seller of the DVD. Please use the DVD as a reference only. Performing motorcycle maintenance can be dangerous so please take the proper precautions when attempting to perform your own service work. If you do not have the proper tools or mechanical ability to do this type of work it is best left to the professionals at your BMW Service Center.

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