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Many good pictorial "How-To" articles on doing your own maintenance, repairs, tips and tricks.

The drop-down menu above will direct you to several free pictorials on how to accomplish maintenance and repair tasks.

These are free to anyone who would like to use the information, but they are copyrighted, so no reuse without my written permission.

Please let me know if you would like to see a specific task completed, have comments on the ones I have already done, or have an idea for a new video or pictorial.

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Tech Pictorials:

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My Videos on YouTube: 2013+ R1200GSw Bodywork, 2014+ R1200GSAw Bodywork, 2017+ R1200GSw Rallye Bodywork, 2014+ R1200RT Bodywork.


Tool Kit: Tools to use for service and repair of your R1200 series BMW
Now updated to show all R1200 by type, Hexhead, Camhead, Wethead!

BMW R1200 Hexhead 2004-2009 R1200 24K Service Tutorial
                     (With R1100/1150 notes)

BMW R1200 Wethead Final Drive Lube and Service Wethead

BMW R1200 Throttle Body Sync Tutorial Hexhead/Camhead

BMW R1200 Final Drive Service Tutorial Hexhead/Camhead

BMW R1200 GS Battery Swap Tutorial for Odyssey Battery Hexhead/Camhead

BMW R1200 GS HID Installation Tutorial Hexhead/Camhead

BMW R1200 Rear Brake Rotor Replacement Tutorial

BMW R1200 R1200 2007+ Brake Flush Tutorial for non-servo ABS
Applicable to all non-Servo ABS

BMW R1200 Shock Install Tutorial (Based on the GS, but applicable to all) Hexhead/Camhead

BMW R1200 Tire and Wheel Change Tutorial

BMW R-Series Alternative Parts List Oilhead/Hexhead/Camhead

Wiring Diagrams for Accessories and More

Motorcycle Tire Plugging Tutorial

BMW FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions for BMW R1200 Series Motorcycles
                    Page 2 of the FAQ

Links to more tutorials:

Quick Disconnect Replacement Process Hexhead/Camhead

12K Service Pictorial for Wetheads

Battery Change for Wetheads

Factory Radiator Guards for 2013-2016 R1200GS/GSA

ROX Bar Riser Install Wethead (applicable to many other risers)

Final Drive Outer Seal Replacement Based on the Hexhead/Camhead, but applicable to the Wethead

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