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This video covers all of the following bikes, and is designed to allow you to
complete all the requirements for maintaining your bike to BMW
specifications. It is designed for the BMW R1200 series Wethead (Liquid
Cooled) 2013 and newer motorcycles* though it is centered around the
R1200GS since that is what I had available for filming.

*Covered Motorcycle(s):
    · 2013 to present R1200GS
    · 2014 to present R1200GS/GSA/RT/R**
    · 2015 to present R1200RS**
    · 2017 to present R1200GSw Rallye
Note: I will be adding a tutorial on removing the body panels on the R1200 R
and RS “Wetheads” to the Updates section in the future as new models
become available.

**The R1200R and R1200RS have conventional forks which is not covered in
this video. All other service items are the same. I will make YouTube videos
to cover these as the bikes become available to me.

The Bodywork and Air Filter video for the R1200RT Wethead is on YouTube

The Bodywork and Air Filter video for the R1200GS Wethead is on YouTube

The Bodywork and Air Filter video for the R1200GSA Wethead is on YouTube

The Bodywork and Tank Removal/Install for the 2017+ R1200GSw Rallye is
on YouTube here.

This video covers all of the following categories:

1. Oil change, engine, with filter
2. Oil change, rear wheel drive
3. Checking valve clearance
4. Changing brake fluid, front/rear brakes
5. Replace air filter cartridge
6. Misc Checks:
    ·Checking front brake pads and brake discs for wear
    ·Checking rear brake pads and brake disc for wear
    ·Visual inspection of hydraulic clutch system
    ·Checking spoke tension, adjusting if necessary
7. Diagnostics Checks
    ·Setting service-due date and service countdown distance
8. Bonus: Brake Pad Change front and rear

I have included the necessary tools, supplies and torque specifications to
complete all the listed services. I have also added many helpful tips and
notes to make this as simple as possible.

A typical 6K service will run you around $300-350, depending on location.
The brake bleed alone can run as high as $200.

What I did not include, since I felt they were self-explanatory, was how to
check your oil, tires and lights.

The DVD should assist those of you on the fence in deciding you CAN do
these expensive services yourself, and save money for those all-important
farkles, and gas for riding! It is also an excellent resource for those looking
to see what the dealer does during a typical service.

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The DVD is available for shipping immediately. It is produced into a master
pressed format like a store bought movie which should be viewable on most
DVD formats (NTSC), as well as virtually any lap-top computer. Many top line
DVD players in Europe also play this format, though it is the North American
Standard. See this link for locations in which
this DVD will definitely work. In some cases you may need to use the basic
Windows or Mac DVD player on your computer or laptop.

Caution: Although every effort was made to ensure the accuracy of the
information contained in this DVD it was primarily designed to enhance your
knowledge of the BMW R1200 “Wethead” series motorcycle. As such, it is
not meant to replace the maintenance manual or to supply complete
information about each procedure covered. Any damage done to a
motorcycle or personal injury resulting from the use of the DVD is solely the
responsibility of the user and not the maker or seller of the DVD. Please use
the DVD as a reference only. Performing motorcycle maintenance can be
dangerous so please take the proper precautions when attempting to
perform your own service work. If you do not have the proper tools or
mechanical ability to do this type of work it is best left to the professionals at
your BMW Service Center.

Double click on the schedule link below for printable version, complete with
run-in and full schedules suitable for printing.

600 Mile
6,000 Mile (10,000KM) plus Annual)
12,000 Mile (20,000KM plus Annual)

Link to Tool Lists Download in Word Format!

Link to Valve Chart!

Link to Shim Calculator Thanks to dirty_t on ADVRider!

Link to Torque Values!

Ryan Egerley For the use of his spanking new 2013 R1200GS.

NoVa Ride for his constant source of encouragement!

Dina Silva...For allowing me countless hours of wrenching, and full support of my

Will Willis for the use of his beautiful 2017 R1200GSw Rallye for the bodywork
R1200 “Wethead” 2013 to present
Maintenance/Service DVD
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